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One of the most defining and alluring attributes of Zafiro Fine Dining is undoubtedly the restaurant itself. It is created with the intent to offer some of the best and most exciting dining experiences for our guests who are ready to fall for the delicious dining choices we offer. As a fine dine restaurant, our guests will find with us some of the most exotic, rare and mouth-watering cuisines from across the world such as;
  • Indian
  • Oriental
  • Continental
  • Arabian
  • Barbecue
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As a fine dine restaurant that wants to eagerly satisfy the hunger of our guests, we have master chefs with years of experience and the panache for making delicacies that please you, your appetite and your food habits. Whether you need continental, Italian or the spicy Malabar cuisines, our chefs can provide you everything just the way you want.

Everyone at our restaurant is on a mission; a mission to offer the best, exceptional and rare dining experiences that cannot be mimicked anywhere else but at our tables. We are fortified with all the elements that help us weave the finest dining experiences for our guests and proffer incredible assortments of food and beverage for all the guests who want to enjoy our hospitality and culinary prowess.Zafiro Fine Dining restaurant is a perfect choice for being the top family restaurant with the best Indian cuisine,Arabian food in Jeddah.

With our experience ranging for about three decades, we are every bit poised to create the best, unforgettable and impressive experiences for our guests who have a wide range of preferences, eatinghabits and affinities towards diverse food items. Our chefs are always at work creating a range of delicacies for our guests, and coupled with our incredible hospitality and warming ambience at the restaurant, there is no doubt that our guests are drawn to the best, most rewarding and exceptional dining feat of all.Today Zafiro Fine Dining Restaurant has elevated to be among the best family restaurant in Jeddah providing the superior quality of varied dishes including the top Arabian food and Indian food in Jeddah.

In order to ensure that the guests have enough space to sit, enjoy and relish each moment they spend in our restaurant, it has the seating capacity of 150 without making the space crammed or congested with people. There is no doubt that the welcoming, heart-warming and alluring setting of the restaurant will immerse you in its lavishness culinary experience about to begin.All these factors along with our consistent efforts has now made us the best family restaurant in Jeddah today.