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Zafiro Fine Dine Restaurant

Zafiro Fine Dining Restaurant began our journey of satiating the hunger of food lovers almost three decades ago in 1990 when we opened our first restaurant, Arafa Hotel in XXXXXX. Like any other business initiative, our beginning was humble. However, we were committed to provide the best food for exceptional prices for our guests. We were extremely careful and committed in offering a wide range of delicacies that were exceptionally scrumptious. We were constantly appreciated by our guests and the word spread rather quickly about our finesse in making food that delighted our guests. It helped us open another branch of the same hotel at XXXXXX in 2004. After four years in 2008, we also opened Sapphire Family Restaurant against the backdrop of our wildly successful stint at hotel business. We still serve our guests with the same fervor and commitment that we displayed on the first day when we had opened our first hotel about three decades ago.

At Zafiro Fine Dine Restaurant, we believe that it is the satisfaction that we see on the faces of our guests which kept us offer better and exceptional dining services all these years and it will continue to inspire, motivate and drive us forward to offer even better dining services and craft dining solutions for eons to come.Today we are one of the best Fine Dine Restaurant in Jeddah serving variety of dishes including the top Arabian and Indian food,Candle light dinner in Jeddah.