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Bringing a tradition of impeccable hospitality, a range of cuisines and an experience that is hard to emulate elsewhere, Zafiro Fine Dining aspires to create dining experiences to remember for the rest of your lives. Zafiro Fine Dining is located near the landscapes of the historical city of Al-Balad, Jeddah which is also the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. In all its exceptional offerings, Zafiro Fine Dining is where all your gastronomical desires come alive and surprise you.
Best restaurant in Jeddah
Best restaurant in Jeddah

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Step into our world of savory cuisine and learn how our secret philosophy separates us from the rest. Food is our passion, so we work hard at delivering the most finest menu that is built on only the freshest and most organic products. We take time selecting all our meats and seafood to ensure you will never have to worry about any raging hormones or antibiotics. You won’t find any pesticides in your veggies either. Our philosophy about food has always been for it to taste good it has to be healthy. And we promise that every ingredient that goes in to your fine dining experience has been personally selected from only the most reputable of sources to bring together a sensationally delicious and exquisite experience.